Wiratman Karkasa Bridge, Depok, Indonesia

Originally an entry to Wiratman Bridge Design 2016, a bridge design competition organized by a the structural firm PT. Wiratman, I worked in a team of three to prepare a preliminary design report for a proposed bridge, which included the design, structural analysis, cost estimation and construction plans. The proposed suspension bridge was based on a real location that had a need for one.

During the project, we worked closely with people of a remote village to create a pedestrian bridge that was both innovative and creative. The bridge, which was located between two villages, would enable hundreds of villagers to travel much shorter distances to work. In addition, children would be able to use the bridge to cross the river and go to school. Our final design was a suspension bridge with only one main cable spanning the length of the 40m bridge, based on a stable triangular structure.

We were awarded 2nd place in the Wiratman Bridge Challenge out of 105 national teams. In 2017, with the help of PT. Wiratman, the original structural firm that held the competition, Karkasa Bridge started construction. The bridge was completed in 2018 and has since been recognized as a local icon for its unique design.

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